Dr. Han is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon with additional Board Certification in Hand Surgery.  He has extensive experience in cosmetic, reconstructive, and micro surgery and takes the time to thoroughly explain diagnoses and procedures to the patients.  He believes that by doing so, patients can make informed decisions and feel confident that they are receiving the best care possible.


Meet Dr. Hongshik Han

Dr. Hongshik Han, M.D., is a Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgeon who is affiliated with Clovis Community Hospital, St. Agnes Hospital, Valley Children's Hospital, and local surgery centers.

If you are considering any type of reconstructive surgery or cosmetic enhancements, take the time to speak with Dr. Han and allow him to answer your concerns regarding the procedures. Dr. Han truly cares for his patients and their well-being. A visit to the clinic will allow you to see the attention to safety, attention to detail, and top-of-the-line technical equipment used for the best experience of the patient.

Contact Dr. Han today for a consultation. Or you can call the office at 559-325-3832 to set up an appointment for more information.

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