Breast Lift

For many women, aging allows gravity to alter the appearance of their breasts. However, a breast lift surgery can correct many of the issues associated with the appearance of sagging or drooping breasts.

Many things can alter the appearance of the breasts.

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Gravity and the weight of the breasts

The breasts have lost their elasticity and aren’t as firm as they used to be.

 A breast lift (mastopexy) can restore the look of youthful breasts by surgically reshaping them.

Often a breast lift is performed along with other cometic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation.


Meet Dr. Hongshik Han

Dr. Hongshik Han, M.D., is a Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgeon who is affiliated with Clovis Community Hospital, St. Agnes Hospital, Valley Children's Hospital, and local surgery centers.

The Procedure

A mastopexy or breast lift is a fast cosmetic procedure done under general anesthesia.  The surgeon will let you know what you need to do the day before and of surgery.  A small incision is made around the areola and under the breast in the shape of an anchor.  The nipple is repositioned in a higher location on the breast and extra skin is removed.  The incision is then stitched closed


You may notice swelling, bruising, and some pain after the surgery but will be given medication for relief.  You will have to wear a surgical bra for a few days as a bandage to protect the incision.  It will then be replaced by a soft support bra that must be worn at all times until after removal of stitches.

Stitches will be removed after a couple of weeks.  Numbness will begin to subside in a few weeks and heavy lifting will gradually resume with approval from your surgeon.

You should not notice any effects from the surgery if you should get pregnant and decide to breast feed.

You should expect scarring from the incision that will fade in time.  They are usually small enough to be kept concealed under clothing or a bathing suit.

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