Facial Implants

When you want to improve the bone structure of your face and create a more desirable profile, you will want to get facial implants.  Their purpose is to improve the look of the cheekbones, chin or jaw to change the face shape and alter the profile.  Implants can also give the appearance of youth or to enhance certain features.  They are also used when a patient needs reconstructive surgery.

What to Expect

The procedure to add implants is the same no matter which part of the face is being worked on.  The surgeon will make a small incision that will barely be noticeable.  It is often done in a crease or even inside the mouth to prevent obvious scarring.  The surgeon then places the implant and stitches the incision.  Even though this is a simple procedure, it is usually done with general anesthesia.  It can be performed in addition to other procedures at the same time.

Types of Implants You Can Get

You have the choice between permanent or semi-permanent implants.  In past eras, you only had the option of bone grafts or using silicone for the implants, but today you have more choices.  These implants can be made from natural materials or synthetic materials.  Here is a list of some of your choices:

  • Fat grafts.  This uses fat from your own body or from a different source for your implants.
  • Bone can be taken from elsewhere on your body to create a graft.  It can also come from another source.
  • Silicone is a synthetic option that has the benefit of being customized to the correct flexibility or hardness desired.  It does not integrate with natural tissue and is easy to remove.
  • ePTEE or Expanded Polytetrafluorethylene is used in winter clothing and is chosen because it does integrate with your own tissue.
  • Another synthetic material is polyethylene that is similar to the ePTEE. 
  • Even though hydroxyapatite is a synthetic material that is made from coral, it works so well with your own tissue that the body treats it as if it belongs.



Meet Dr. Hongshik Han

Dr. Hongshik Han, M.D., is a Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgeon who is affiliated with Clovis Community Hospital, St. Agnes Hospital, Valley Children's Hospital, and local surgery centers.

Facial implants can be performed as a single procedure, but they are often done in conjunction with other procedures such as facelifts.  Some reasons that a person would use an implant include a double or recessed chin, or a profile that does not look symmetrical. 

When you meet with your plastic surgeon, they can look at your profile and determine which procedures are right for the look you are trying to achieve.  If you think this might be something you are interested in, contact a cosmetic surgeon to learn more.

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