Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty

This procedure is commonly known as the tummy tuck and is designed for people who want the extra skin and fat around their abdomen removed.  It also strengthens the abdominal wall.

The benefits of abdominoplasty include reducing a protruding abdomen or pot belly and tightening the entire area.  The down side is that it does leave a permanent scar to the area.

The ideal candidate is the person who is in relatively good shape, but has a fat deposit or loose skin they can’t get rid of through diet or exercise alone.  Many women who have gone through pregnancy choose this procedure to tighten their skin.  Older people or people who have been through a major weight loss also elect to have abdominoplasty to improve their appearance.

There are three types of tummy tucks: the mini, partial, and complete.  The mini tummy tuck is done when the fast or loose skin is below the navel while the other two options are chosen when it is above the navel.


Meet Dr. Hongshik Han

Dr. Hongshik Han, M.D., is a Board Certified Plastic, Reconstructive, and Hand Surgeon who is affiliated with Clovis Community Hospital, St. Agnes Hospital, Valley Children's Hospital, and local surgery centers.

When deciding if a tummy tuck is the right choice for you, your plastic surgeon will discuss with you the extent of the procedure. Sometimes, the plastic surgeon will suggest liposuction instead of the tummy tuck or along with it.

The abdominoplasty procedure is performed either under local anesthetic and a sedative, or under general anesthesia. The surgeon will create an incision that goes across your stomach from hip to hip. A second incision is then made around the navel. These incisions are much smaller with a mini procedure.  The muscles are then stitched closer together and the skin is pulled down.  The skin is stitched into place with a new hole created for the navel.

Recovery time can take longer than other procedures because of the extent of the alterations that have been done.  The scars can take up to a year to fade to a normal color.

Speak to a plastic surgeon in your area to determine if a tummy tuck is the right option for you.  They will discuss what the best cosmetic procedure is for you and what results you are expecting.

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