Implant, hospital, and anesthesia fees not included in the listed national average surgeon cost.

ProcedureSurgeon Cost
Breast Reduction$5,475
Breast Lift$4,693
Breast Augmentation$3,947
Breast Implants - (*price doesn't include implants)$3,947*
Breast Revision$3,947
Male Breast Reduction$3,947
Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)$3,220
Blepharoplasty - Eyelid Surgery$3,282
Cheek Augmentation$2,986
Forehead Lift$3,490
Hair TransplantationInquire
Chin Augmentation$2,449
Lip Augmentation (other than injectible)$1,830
Thigh Lift - Thighplasty$5,171
Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty$6,092
Buttock Augmentation$4,277
Arm Lift$4,550
Non-Surgical Fat Reduction$1,376
Lower Body Lift$8,073
Botox - (*$10/unit)$408
Chemical Peels for facial rejuvenation$644

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ProcedureRegular Price15% Discount
Arm Lifts$6,307 $5,361
Buttock Implants$8,436$7,171
Buttock Lifts$7,782$6,615
Calf Implant$5,466$4,646
Vaginal Rejuvination$4,089$3,476
Thigh Lifts$7,405$6,294
Tummy Tucks$8,379$7,122
Breast Augmentation$6,549$5,567
Breast Implant Removal$5,538$4,707
Breast Lift w/ Implants$7,800$6,630
Breast Lift$7,364$6,259
Cheek Implants$5,435$4,620
Ear Surgery$5,090$4,327
Eyelid Lift$5,484$4,661
Face Lift$9,975$8,479
Brow Lifts$5,465$4,645
Neck Lifts$6,535$5,555
Nose Surgery$7,005$5,954
Botox - per unit